Welcome to EyeOnWater !

Now you can view your water usage in few easy steps:

  1. Visit https://eyeonwater.com/signup on your computer using a supported web browser.
  2. Enter your service area zip code:
    Enter your billing account number as shown on your billing statement:
    Click Next
    Verify that your NAME is correct, then click Next.
  1. Enter your name and email address.
  2. Create and confirm a password.
  3. You will get a confirmation email from BEACON. You must verify your email address by clicking on this link. Once you do, you can sign in using your email and password.
    **Check your SPAM or Junk folder if you do not receive this email

Phone App Instructions:

  1. Go to the App Store on your Android or iPhone and search for “eye on water.”
    (Note if using an iPad make sure to select iPhone only from the drop-down menu)
  1. Download the free App to your iPhone or Android Phone.
  2. Open the App.
  3. Tap on the Sign-Up button.
  4. Enter your Zip Code.
  5. Enter your Account ID. (exactly as it appears on the bill)
  6. Verify that it is the correct account located & select “Yes, That’s Me” or “Go back”
  7. Enter Your Name
  8. Enter a valid e-mail address.
  9. Create a password.
  10. Verify that you have read the Terms of Service.
  11. Tap on the Submit button.
  12. An email will be sent to the address you provided.
  13. Click or tap on the “Click Here” in the email to verify it is valid.
  14. Then select that you have verified your email.
  15. You can now sign in to your account.

Please note you cannot create a leak alert from the app please use www.eyeonwater.com.